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How to update the LOGO on your Email Templates

For more information, please refer to the instructions below: 

Step 1: Once your new logo has been uploaded to the portal settings, Right-click on the logo at the top right-hand side of the page and click on ‘Copy Image Address’


Step 2: Navigate to Menu > Portal Settings > DocuSign and choose an email template


Step 3: Once you have deleted the current logo, click on the insert/edit image button and then paste the image address link into the source section and then click OK



Step 4: Once the logo has been pasted into the template, you can adjust it accordingly and then click Save


NOTE: If the email template already exists, use the Upload button to save your changes.


You will need to repeat this process for each of the templates within the portal settings and also with the email templates under

Menu > Product Settings > Email Settings


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