How do I access View’s estate planning platform?

We are excited to confirm View’s adviser facilitated estate planning platform has been fully rebuilt and has been deployed for all existing accounts in NowInfinity.

The new platform continues to provide all of your favourite aspects of View’s adviser facilitated estate planning offering, including being adviser centric, service and price satisfaction guaranteed and provision of the legal advice certificate confirming that all legal advice has been provided by View. 

In addition, the user experience of the website has been fundamentally re-engineered to provide a smoother and faster website experience, document delivery via secure adviser portal, integrated meeting booking and real time status tracking.  An array of further features are also already in the pipeline.

To visit the new platform and commence a new estate plan, click the button below and select ‘New Estate Plan’ from the menu. 

Login here.

If the ‘Estate Planning’ module does not appear in the menu, please contact your account administrator and request that they grant you access via Portal Settings/Access.  A short video explaining how to do this is found here

If you do not have an existing account with NowInfinity, you can register by clicking on the link above and selecting ‘Sign up’.  As part of the onboarding process after registration, the Estate Planning module will be added to your account – if you do not have access to the Estate Planning module 2 business days after registering, please let us know.

Click here to see an overview of the process and pricing.

Now that the platform is live in NowInfinity, no new instructions will be accepted via the View Legal website. 

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