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Release notes 11 May 2017

  • If your Trust is still in a 'draft' status, you will receive a warning message to ensure you are made aware of this before producing any further documentation.
  • Users will notice a documentant 'Forwarding' feature has been added to the collaboration page on the left hand side. "Forward Documentation" allows you to send generated documents to a specific email address.
  • A 'Confirm Signing' button for .eml downloads has now been added. If you send your statements via outlook, you can now tick that the statement has been signed, before hand.
  • A 'Stop Lodgement' button has now been added. If a user tries to lodge a document with a deadline in the past, this will show.
  • Hybrid Trust Update: Minutes and Unit Register documents have now been seperated.
  • 'Burning' and 'Overdue' statements will continue to show, no matter what date range has been selected. This is to ensure you do not miss these pressing items.

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