How to schedule reminders for Annual Statement

For more information, please refer to the instructions below:  

Default settings for reminders are available under your ASIC SETTINGS. However, date and type of reminders can be amended on a case by case basis when sending the annual statement to your client.

Click on the pen icon to edit the date and the type of reminders (email, text message, or both)

To remove a reminder, click on the bin icon.




Select the recipient for the reminder and enter their email address if not already pre-filled.


You can choose to cc one or more people under the ‘Copy to’ field.


Enter your client’s mobile number if you have selected text message as a reminder type.


Please note: Clicking on ‘send’ triggers the reminders except for the download eml option (Outlook) where reminders are triggered by clicking on download eml.


Please note: Reminders will go out automatically to your client only if you have selected the automatic option under your ASIC settings (Menu > ASIC Settings > Reminders – insert link article ‘setting up reminders” under part 5.4 Corporate Messenger settings – part one of the guide.)


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