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Pins can be used to identify and sort companies on many different levels. Pins are a great way to add an extra level of organisation to companies you're managing.


To search and filter a company via a pin, select a pin from the table and a new tab will appear with the companies associated with this pin. Alternatively, you can use the 'search' function to search for a pin.


1.    Types of pins

  • Automated pins which are generated by NowInfinity.
  • Pins that can be specifically designed and created. For example, you may wish to organise companies into groups or add internal communication (i.e 'No electronic Signing').

The following pins are automatically generated by Corporate Messenger:

  • Debt
  • Credit
  • Late fees
  • Awaiting changes
  • Charity organisation
  • Deregistering
  • Deregistered
  • Annual fees paid upfront

2.    Create and apply a Pin

To add a pin to a single company, click on the pin icon located to the right of the company’s row.


To apply a pin to multiple companies, select the companies you wish to apply the pin to and click on Actions menu > Manage Pins.


a) Apply an existing pin

To apply an existing pin, select one or more pin(s) and click on 'Apply Pins'.


b) Create a new pin

To create a new pin, click on 'Create New Pin'.


Enter the pin name (label), select a colour, and click on 'Create New Pin'.



Once created, the pin is then added to the list of the recent pins. Select the pin and click 'Apply'.

3. Remove pin(s)

To remove a pin for a single company, click on the pin (the pin will be highlighted in blue). On the very right of the pins column (in the company row), a pencil icon will appear.

Click on the pencil icon and click 'Remove Pin'. This will remove the single pin from the company.


To remove a pin for multiple companies, select the companies you wish to remove the pin from and click on Actions menu > Manage Pins.


To delete a pin from Corporate Messenger, click on Actions > Manage Pins.


These 3 actions will trigger the pop up below, where you can choose to remove the pin by selecting one or more pins and then click 'remove'.

Please note: If you cannot see the pin you are looking for simply search for the pin and select it once it appears in the list.



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