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Adding multiple companies to Corporate Messenger, using the Bundle Edit feature

After activating Corporate Messenger, all companies you are currently an agent for will appear automatically in Corporate Messenger. To become the agent of multiple new companies (so that they appear in your companies list), please follow the below steps:

  1. Select Bundle Agent Appointment available on the main Menu under Productivity 



2. Complete the following information:

  • ACN (required).
  • Company Name (required).
  • Officer Given Name (required). First name of the Company officeholder.
  • Officer Family Name (required) - Last name of the Company officeholder.
  • Officer Preferred Name (optional).
  • Officer Email (optional).
  • Officer Phone (optional).
  • Role (required).


3. Click 'Add New Record' to add more companies.

4. When all Companies are added click on 'Proceed for signing'. The relevant 362 forms will then be generated for each company. You will be redirected automatically to 'Lodgements' page where you will find all forms and their status i.e 'Waiting for signature'.

In Lodgements, you will need to decide whether you would like to lodge documents or send for signing prior to lodgement. To do either of these actions, open the Actions menu and select E-signing or Lodge selected to submit to ASIC.


Please note: if you would like to send for paper signing to your client, you will need to open each form and select the 'Forward Documentation' option.

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