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Create a Job from Xero Practice Manager in NowInfinity

STEP 1: Login to your Xero Practice Manager and create a job using NowInfinity Job Templates

Click on Jobs and select Jobs in the dropdown box.


Select New Job


Complete the Job Information. NowInfinity job templates are available under Template:


Select one of the job templates in the dropdown list. They are sorted by alphabetical order.

When you have entered all the required information click on Save, at the bottom of the page.


STEP 2) Complete the Tasks.

By scrolling down to Tasks, you will see that multiple tasks have been created.


To complete those tasks on NowInfinity, click on Go To NowInfinity LIVE available under Job Information.


You are redirected to NowInfinity where a job has been created with the same tasks as XPM.

Client on the first task to start or click on 'Skip' to skip the first step.


At any time you can open this job on XPM by clicking on ‘Open in XPM’, and each completed tasks will appear as ticked on XPM


Click on Complete Job, to mark this job as completed.

Click on Put on Hold, to finish the job later.


STEP 3) Copies entities and documents to XPM

3.1 Copy contacts:

Select the entities to copy to XPM

Select whether or not you would like to create a group in XPM

Tick this box if you would like to create relations in XPM

Finally click on Push Clients to XPM

3.2 Copy documents:

Click on Push documents to XPM, to copy the documentation prepared on NowInfinity into XPM. 

The documents will be uploaded to the Job under Documents



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